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The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

Mac OS X

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or newer

OpenSCAD is also available on MacPorts:

					$ sudo port install openscad


System requirements: Windows XP or newer on x86 32/64 bit


Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu

OpenSCAD is available in the repositories.

					$ sudo apt-get install openscad


OpenSCAD is available in Fedora official repositories. To install, run the following command:

					# yum install openscad

If you want the MCAD library:

					# yum install openscad-MCAD


OpenSCAD is available from

Arch Linux

					# pacman -S openscad

Other Linux

The following generic binary Linux packages are available:


NetBSD (>=6.1)

Set up pkgin and run this command:

					# pkgin install openscad

FreeBSD (>=10)

					# pkg install openscad


OpenSCAD is available for amd64, i386 and macppc in OpenBSD packages:

					# pkg_add openscad

Other Systems

It's possible to build OpenSCAD on other systems as long as a C++ compiler and the prerequisite software libraries are available.

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Source Code

You can also access the latest source code on github: openscad/openscad on github

Development Snapshots

Development snapshots are built irregularly. If you want access to a more recent development snapshot, please contact the mailing list.



There is a RPM repository with nightly OpenSCAD development snapshots on

Prior Releases

Prior releases are available at